stonehenge skull by artist s v mitchell

The Stonehenge Skull

stonehenge skull by artist s v mitchellThe Stonehenge skull was created in 2004 by the English Artist
Steven Vincent Mitchell.
Hand carved  by Mitchell from Sarson stone, which was removed from stonehange sacred site in 1958. A one of a kind creation.


The Artists Sacred  Mission to create the Skull in his own words
 I was given the  Saron stone  from Stonehenge in the late 90s stonehenge skull by artist s v mitchell
(it was removed from the sacred site in 1958 while repair work was being carried out at Stonehenge).
At this time, I didn't know what to use it for, so I kept it in my studio with some other interesting crystals I had collected and just admired it.
In the year 1999, while on a vision quest, I received the vision (idea) to carve the Stonehenge skull, and the other crystal skulls I  have carved.
On returning to my studio in England , the creation of my skulls became my sole mission. It took me  6 years to complete all three skulls you see on this page.

The purpose of the skull
As an Artist, I don't fully understand the  purpose of a sacred or crystal skull.  But  I can certainly see it as fine art! I also see  there is a deeper spiritual reason  for a sacred skulls. I've personally witnessed people who have  had spiritual experiences with the Stonehenge skull,  and  I've had many mystical experiences while creating the skull, so in my experience there is definitely something mystical and magical going on.
I am happy that the Ghost dance is using the Stonehenge skull in its sacred  Dance ceremonies, to revive the lost magic in English Spirituality.
If any one wishes to visit the skull , I am always happy to arrange for this.

Two more skulls by Mitchell
The Sedona crystal

the sedona crystal  skull by artist s v mitchellHe is life size and is carved from quartz crystal originating from the sacred red rocks of Sedona AZ. He is full of the energy of this most magical place on Mother Earth. The skull is known simply as Sedona and he has helped many people who have come into contact with him [ with mystical healing experiences] I personally believe that he is very powerful because of the metaphysical properties of the Sedona quartz. He revisited the heartbeat of Sedona in 2000 for the crystal skull convention . Sedona has been initiated at all the major sacred sites in the UK and in Europe. He is currently living with me in the heartland of England. He will be in the pandemonium exhibition in summer 2008

The rose quartz crystal skull

30lb rose quartz crystal skull by artist s v mitchell2 x human size, the Crystal Skull, was hand sculpted from a 37kg block of natural rose quartz, which was shipped to my studio from Brazil. The quartz selected for this sculpture is over 50 million years old. Quartz crystal is used in the electronics industry, to make computer chips. It has exceptional qualities. Many ancient cultures and indigenous peoples believe in its magical and healing powers. I had mystical time while sculpting this skull. The skull took me 2 years to complete. Quartz crystal has a hardness of 6 to 7; the only substance harder being a diamond, which has a hardness of 7. I used special hand held diamond tools in the creative process of all my skulls. The sculpting [ or "birthing" as I like to call it ] takes love, time and patience. I compare it to Mother Nature's process of creating a beautifully smooth pebble on a beach. The ancient Artisans are said to have taken lifetimes to create one sculpture in quartz. I feel they worked in this medium because of its natural beauty and its magical-mystical properties, and also because their creative work would still be there for people to see and enjoy 50 million years on. There are few materials an artist can use that will stand this test of time, i'm inspired by the notion that this skull will still be here for whoever to enjoy when we are all gone!!!!

“I am a self taught artist. All my life I’ve loved to draw, paint or create...”

I remember when I was 18 seeing a friend’s new tattoo. Immediately I knew that this was the genre I wanted to work in. So 1987 I apprenticed as a tattoo artist. My mission as a tattoo artist, was to use my artistic skills to help clients express their inner visions on their skin, and mark their rites of passage in a time honoured way. I owned and ran a tattoo studio for many years. In this time I met many fantastic people, who in turn enriched my life experiences; it was very fulfilling to share in this holistic, shamanic experience with them. Towards the late nineties there were new missions growing deep inside of me that I felt compelled to express, but they were outside of the tattoo genre. So in 1999 I stopped tattooing. I then visited the USA and Canada. While in the USA, I spent time with the Navajo and Hopi tribes. In Canada I lived and worked with the Huron [Mohawk/Mohican] tribe on their reserve. I feel privileged to have been embraced by these people, some of whose traditions, craft skills and mystical healing arts I now incorporate into my art and my life today. I am inspired by the unseen, the mystical. When I am painting I go to a different world; a dark and symbolic world. Painting is the medium I feel is best suited to share these visions with you. They are my gift to you. S. V. Mitchell



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